MADE IN UKRAINE. For victory.
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About Our Company "BIONIC DRINX"

Founded in 2019, we started with the development and production of beneficial functional beverages with various effects, such as energy enhancement, improved attention and concentration, stress reduction.

Tactical Gels for Military

Since 2022, we have reoriented our production to drinkable gels, tactical gels for the military, which reduce fatigue, increase physical and mental endurance, nourish the body and brain, reduce stress, and improve sleep.

Experienced Team and Continuous Improvement

We have a team of professionals who create products from scratch, constantly improving formulas and ingredients for maximum effectiveness of each product.

Mission and Product Line Expansion

Our goal is to provide the military with high-quality products to achieve the necessary goals on the battlefield. We are working on expanding the range and developing new effects and means that are needed in the modern army.

High Quality and Safety Standards

We adhere to the highest standards, using the best ingredients and ensuring quality control at every stage of production. All products are certified and comply with Ukrainian and international standards ISO 22000:2007/HACCP.

Readiness with BIONICDRINX


We offer special prices and conditions for mobilization tasks, special orders for the Defense Forces, wholesale purchases for military units, brigades, and divisions


Developed taking into account the conditions of modern warfare for the needs of the military, our tactical gels contain an optimized combination of components to support physical endurance and mental concentration


Reliable logistics and prompt delivery to ensure that the military receive the products on time, regardless of location.


We are ready to work according to your needs, with each unit individually, taking into account specific requests and requirements for the execution of your tasks


Our team is always ready to provide professional advice and support, helping you choose exactly what you need to change your condition as needed, when needed


By collaborating with us, you are helping Ukrainian local production, as well as creating conditions for the development of new tactical gels needed by the military and contributing to our common victory

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Bionic Drinx a Ukrainian company?

Yes, the startup has been in the beverage market since 2019. "Bionic Drinx" is a Ukrainian company specializing in the production of beneficial, tasty, and effective functional beverages. And now it produces "Tactical Elixir," special gels with various effects to support the health and well-being of the military.

What products do you offer?

We offer various Tactical Elixirs, such as Body Support, Brain Support, Sleep Support, each of which has its own specific effect. Our gels are designed to increase energy, support mental activity, improve sleep, and increase sensitivity.

What ingredients are in your Tactical Elixirs?

Our elixirs contain natural plant extracts, amino acids, and vitamins. All information about the composition and properties of each product can be found on the product description page.

What effects can be expected from using your elixirs?

Our elixirs are designed to help reduce physical and mental fatigue, reduce stress, and improve sleep quality. In addition, long-term effects of use may include overall increased energy and improved focus and concentration due to the accumulation of elements and reduction of their deficiency in the body.

Are there any restrictions on using your gels?

Our gels are safe to use, but, like any products, it is important to follow dosage recommendations. We recommend one packet of gel of one type per day, this will provide you with 100% of the beneficial substances from the daily norm. But if you want two, nothing bad will happen, since all components of Bionic Drinx are safe for health. The only exception is if you have any medical problems or individual sensitivity to any ingredient - it will be important to consult a doctor.

How safe are substances such as, for example, Hedgehog Mushroom, Ginkgo Biloba, Mucuna Pruriens, or Guarana in your gels?

These are perfectly safe and well-studied beneficial plants that humanity has been using for centuries (attention! any component can be harmful if you have an allergy or individual intolerance to it).